Saturday, December 20, 2008

Twittering away

These days, I am addicted to a new social networking fad - Twitter. I had almost stopped blogging because of time constraints - not enough time to lay out my thoughts into a presentable blog post.

I had registered on Twitter since February 2008 and found it too boring. It really didn't catch on. I had started using LinkedIn for professional networking and making a shift from Orkut to Facebook for keeping in touch with friends by then. One of my friends @b50 got me going on Twitter again and now, I just can't keep away from it during my free time. It is such a light weight and powerful tool for people to use.

Use it from the web, dozens of client software on almost every platform that you would imagine, a variety of mobile clients as well. I personally prefer Tweetdeck client on the PC, UberTwitter and SocialScope on the mobile and of course, the Twitpic API for sharing quick pics with my followers !

I find it amusing to be with tweeple who do tweetups often and is a much closer community than anything else I have seen online. I can feel I know many of the tweeple that I follow personally, though I may not have met many of them. Imagine sending a tweet to @having and you have your own food feed . One can think of very innovative uses of the twitter technology which uses just 140 characters to convey powerful messages.

You can just update your plain daily life for those who care and find it interesting. It makes an interesting read to follow people when you have some time. Lots of learning in there too !

This one is worth trying if you are convinced of the social networking funda - you will get addicted - be warned !

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