Saturday, July 08, 2006

Winds of change

This is my second post for today ! Quite a record in the last few months....

Today was a wonderful day at home. Nothing very special, but spent a quiet day - eat a bit, sleep a bit, roam out a bit. I started my driving lessons this afternoon [also did well for the first day]. I am feeling the original myself once again today.

In fact, I was keen on joining a bunch of Orkuteers from the Bombay Community for a dinner at the Ling's Pavilion this evening, but am rather planning to cancel that now. Instead, I would go out for a dinner @ Legend with Shilpa.

I am coming a long way from looking back now. I have had a relatively short stint [a bit more than a year at CLSA]. It has been a great place to be at - the best of technologies, some of the best people in the investment banking / broking industry. It has given me valuable exposure to the best trading systems used across the globe. I spent a considerable time trying to work out options to get a better work-life balance with my current job. However, that wasn't happening and finally, I have made a decision.

A decision to bring about winds of change in my career as well as personal life ! I am looking forward to spend more quality time with family and friends with this change in job from the 1st of August. The new job gives me an opportunity to move into a more strategic role into IT management - a change from a doer to thinker [though I cannot really keep away from getting my hands dirty very often].

I am also looking forward to get back to my hobbies after I settle down a bit at the new office [some of you may already know and others should know, where, in the due course].

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