Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Black Tuesday

Today was yet another black day in the history of Mumbai ! Mumbai and its surrounding areas have been struggling to see peaceful life over the last couple of weeks but peace seems to have gone out of this city.
First, the riots in Bhiwandi, then the Minatai Thakre statue issue and the most gravest incident - 7 serial blasts this evening. Most of you would have watched / heard the news about the serial blasts which rocked the western railway suburban trains this evening. All of these blasts happened between 18.30 hrs to 19.00 hrs and more than 350 people are reported dead.

Landlines / mobiles were jammed and there was a chaos situation all across Mumbai. As the blasts ripped apart train compartments, mangled bodies of passengers were hurled out and survivors, many of them bleeding profusely, jostled to come out, leading to chaotic scenes. The blasts occured at Matunga, Mahim (central Mumbai), Bandra, Khar (in north-west Mumbai), Borivili, Jogeshwari and Mira Road railway stations (in north Mumbai). This was the peak period when most of the people would be returning home from their offices. It is suspected that Lashkar-e-toiba would have executed this barbaric act.

Most TV channels were beaming these news and our Netajis would have wanted to rush to Mumbai. However, I am sure that the citizens of Mumbai would plead the netajis to stay wherever they are instead of coming down to Mumbai and adding to our woes. It is very evident that they will do more harm than help to the people. The already strained police force will have to cater to their security instead of focussing on their tasks. Hospitals will turn into security zones, losing their capability to cater to the casualties effectively.

On Sunday, the so called patriotic Shiv Sainiks raised havoc when the statue of Minatai Thakre was defaced. I just hope that the guys who were so concerned and enthusiastic enough to fly down from places like Aurangabad and putting buses on fire will now come forward to serve the citizens of Mumbai with a similar vigour too. 'Amchi Mumbai' as they call it ! From whatever little television reports that I saw, even this time, the common man of Mumbai has come down to work rapidly to help the affected people. The sarkari machinery has been slow and uneffective as usual.
For those who are stranded in South Mumbai and have a difficulty finding accomodation for the night, here are a couple of places to stay

Luckily, the Central Railways were majorly unaffected and I could reach home safely, albeit a bit late than usual.

I am confident that the Mumbai will bounce back to normalcy tomorrow [or rather have we become so insensitive ?] and there will be business as usual [except for the families who have suffered].

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