Thursday, December 22, 2005

The journey begins

The journey begins and I am looking forward to an extremely relaxing vacation.

Am @ the Mumbai airport now. Unfortunately, the start of this journey is not so good. My flight to Delhi has been delayed by 3 hours due to fog and I will miss my connecting train now.
Probably, the journey from Delhi to the base camp @ Dalhousie will have to be by road now.........

Appended: 24/12/2005 [14.30 hrs India time]

I finally managed to get into the Jhelum on the 22nd and reached Pathankot on 23rd @ 13.00 hrs [obviously after a long of delay again.

Met 4 more trekkers [Rachna - the Orkut girl, Smriti, Kunal and Saroj @ the Pathankot bus stand. We travelled in the same bus to Dalhousie and could report by 18.45 hrs.

This morning, we had bed tea & exercise. After coming back, we saw off the D4 batch which was leaving for the higher camp. We then went for our acclimatization walk and came in at around 13.00 hrs for a wonderful lunch [Salad, Mutter Paneer, Dal, Mixed Vegetable and some awesome carrot halwa to top it up. We hogged like people from Somalia.

The broad group composition is broadly:

Cochin - 10
Goa - 17
Bangalore - 10
Hyderbad - 2
Mumbai - 1 [Only me - isn't that surprising?]
Baroda - 1
Ahmedabad 1
[May have missed some, but will update later].

Need to go out for an orientation program, will catch you later.....
Appended : 05/01/2006 [20:45 hrs India time]
I have lost all track of the trek now and cannot recollect anything but work. Of course the memories are to live forever, but cannot pen down those feelings and experiences after coming back to Mumbai.
Maybe, this is precisely why we feel like going back to the mountains - you feel different and are a very different person in natural surroundings. Back in Mumbai, everything becomes so formal and critical that you do not get time to think about anything else but work, work and WORK !!!!

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