Sunday, September 11, 2005


These days, my life has been largely limited to working and moving between office and home. I have hardly spoken to close friends for a while now. I realised this only when I had a voice conference with Rahul, Uday and Vinit over the weekend.

Days are moving fast. A working week and a weekend is over even before I realise it has gone by. While I had to go to the office this Saturday, I did not because of heavy rains and train problems. Again, there was a call from office on Sunday, I went to the station and saw that there was a mega-block and trains were extremely crowded so I just returned home without making too much of effort to get into a slow train.

I missed visiting several friends during Ganesh festival this year. This weekend, I forgot to disable silent mode on my mobile and by Sunday morning, I saw that there were so many missed calls and messages from friends to meet up over the weekend. I feel so guilty of not having taken calls or not having replied to their messages. I rarely return back missed calls these days.

Have I started procrastinating too much? These days, I tend to work, work, work and do only what is absolutely essential otherwise. I have started missing a lot of other things that I used to do previously – meet up with friends, travelling, being a foodie, listening to music & reading. At times, I also feel cut-off from all those who cared for me. I am not updated on what’s going on with them at all.

Life has become too much mechanical. Looks like I need deliberate action to get out of this mode before it is too long.

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