Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Travel woes

It has become a pain travelling to office daily, since the terror rains on the 26th July.

[08/08/2005 - Dombivli Station]

I start no later than 05.30 AM from home, but I still find it difficult to reach office in time @ 08.30 AM. The trains are crowded like hell and humans are packed in like animals. Most people live beyond Thane and they will never be able to imagine how tough life is across the creek of Thane. It is difficult to get into the trains so I have to travel down to Kalyan and then go back to Nariman Point via Mumbai CST. We have now started travelling by the mail trains which are relatively faster than the local trains. Total travelling time daily is almost 6 hours !
Assuming 10 hours of work + 6 hours of travelling, I am left with no time for family and friends. Weekdays are extremely tiring and we just wait for the week to end. Most IT activities in the office are scheduled on weekends when we need down-time, so that leaves me absolutely drained. I hardly get 6 hours of sleep daily and it has already started affecting my productivity.

I am just hoping that the trains will return to normalcy soon, else it would be tough for us to survive.

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