Monday, August 08, 2005

Kalyan ships in Dombivli

Not only did July 26th’s deluge stall road network, it also shifted two ships (Gulf Goons and Zain) some 15-odd kilometers away from Kalyan Retibunder to a farm at Garibacha Wada in Dombivli.

Gulf Goans Captain Sangre Ibrahim says, “When it started pouring hard on July 26, the ships broke all four anvils and started sailing. The velocity of the water was such that it pulled the 2,000-tonne shop right upto Dombivli.” Zain, the other ship, weighed 130 tonnes. The two collectively brought in an eight-member crew.

As soon as news of the two huge boats in the middle of the field spread across Dombivli, thousands lined up to see the curiosity.

While Mumbai prays the raingods don’t vent their anger again, the ships and their crew crave a repeat so they can sail home. Until then, they’re sitting on a farmer’s rice crop which has been effectively ruined for this year.

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