Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What's for lunch ?

After a long time, I had been to Gurukrupa @ Sion today. Initially, I thought that I would have a plate of Chole Samosa and a lassi, but since it was lunch time, I decided to order a Sindhi Curry Rice. They serve it as - Sindhi Curry, Rice, Papad, Sweet Boondi, and an Alu tikki made up in desi ghee. [Total cost Rs. 26] Good for a light meal, and I finished it off with a sweet lassi [Rs. 15]. Zakaas na ?

Sindhi Curry is one of the staple dishes of Sindhi Food. Because it consists of so many different vegetables, Sindhi Curry is a almost a complete meal in itself. The most common vegetables in Sindhi Curry include: potatoes, beans, carrots and okra. The base of the curry is made up of besan (gram flour) and tamarind, which gives it a sour taste. Sindhi Curry is commonly served with white rice and can be accompanied with sweet boondi.

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