Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tiring day

I had been to BARC in the morning and returned back @ 13.30 hrs. I had lunch and then, called up Mangesh to find his schedule for the day. He said that there was a meeting @ Andheri and then at Bandra. Fortunately, Rajesh was in Dombivli, so we decided to start off in his car @ 14.30 hrs.

We reached Gharda circle and found that the car was giving jerks, so we tried to locate a garage on the Kalyan Shil highway, but since it was a Friday, all garages were closed. As soon we we reached Premier, the car stopped with a jerk. Rajesh tried calling Sagar, who was luckily travelling towards Crawford Market at the same time. He had his chauffer with him, who helped us dhakka-start the car and we started off again. Sagar kept following us.

However, after a few minutes, near Shilphata, we broke down again. We identified that it was a battery problem and Sagar went back and got a chap to look at it. However, the guy could not rectify the problem, so we dhakka-started again and decided to take the car to Thane, where we could leave the car with Ramiza's brother and take his car ahead. We consumed almost 4-5 litres of cold-drinks within 2 hours [not too good].

However, Rajesh was totally exhausted by the time we reached Thane, so Mangesh and me decided to travel in a bus to Andheri, MIDC and Rajesh stayed back at Thane to get the car rectified.

Overall, I think it was a good work-out for the lazy bums, who don't exercise. Pasina to bahana padta hai bhai !

We had to drop the Bandra visit because we got late @ Andheri and returned home only by 23.45 hrs !

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