Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Child Marriages

The government has banned child marriages, but what about this one ?

Siddharth [Sid, as we call him] has passed out his Junior KG and his school has re-opened for Senior KG. He has a buddy called Paresh, who studies with him. Both of them like to play in our house and are daily visitors. They spend a couple of hours in the evening, chit-chatting and playing.

Yesterday, Ganesh, one of my college friends, had come down to my place. Sid and Paresh were discussing about their wedding. Both of them are to marry Kashish [Kahin to hoga fame] when they go to first standard. They will also go to the hospital to get their babies. Ganesh said that he was to marry Kashish. Sid was appararently not happy with that remark and said "Aare yaar, hoon to Sujal ni Kashish saathe lagan karis" [I will marry Sujal's Kashish]. The expression on his face was like "where did this villian Ganesh appear in the scene?"
Ganesh said that he is also going to marry the same Kashish and can you imagine what he replied ?

"Phir to jagada ho jaayega !"

We were all laughing crazy, but this is worth a serious thought.

He is very much influenced by TV serials that are watched in his house. He would be able to tell you the time slot w.r.t a TV serial. For example, if he hears a dialog from Kkusum, he will say it is 21.15 hrs ! He knows all stories with the names of characters. He can also tell you why a particular character in the serial has been replaced. He knows who Ekta Kapoor is.

Zamana badal gaya hai bhai....

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