Thursday, May 12, 2005

Kahiye Netaji

I was travelling from Thane to Kanjur in a local train a few minutes back. At Mulund, a ticket checker entered the compartment. I know him to be a good guy for quite some time now. While examining tickets, he approached a guy who showed him his identity card instead of a ticket or a season ticket.

The TC asked the person to pay out a fine but the person started shouting at the TC. Apparently, the person was a municipal corporator from Aurangabad and had showed him his ID. The TC was absolutely angry [so were we] because Netaji had not bought a ticket at all ! People too started shouting at the netaji from Aurangabad and said that this is Mumbai and he should pay a fine for travelling without ticket in the first class compartment. Netaji was not ready to shell out cash so finally, the TC took him off the train at Bhandup.

I am really happy that the TC did not leave him free even though he was a Netaji.

Kahiye Netaji ;)

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