Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sunday ki kahani

Sonali had invited a few of us for lunch today. Archana, Poorva, Deepali and me assembled @ Dadar station @ 10.30 AM and proceeded towards Jogeshwari. Sanjay was to come down from Pune so he would come down directly. We were meeting after a long time, almost a couple of months now.

Sonali, Poorva and Sanjay are lucky enough to go for their next trek in the Himalayas within 6 months of the last trek. They are doing Sar Pass this year. Deepali is going as a camp leader at the Nature Study camp for kids. Shilpa and me did two national Himalayan treks last year but this year seems tough in terms of getting away from Mumbai for so many days.

Anyways, back to today's get-together. Sonali welcomed us with cool Panha - very much welcome in this season. She had a wonderful menu of Pav Bhaji, Salad and Basundi ! We hogged like Somalia nationals and kept discussing about how to stay fit, how to exercise, how to diet etc....
Sanjay had brought his snaps from a recent trek too. I forgot the name of the place he visited - the food was enough to distract my thinking process and memory :-)

We chatted a lot and started back @ 15.30 hrs....

Mummy has made Pani Poori for dinner, so junk food rocks !
Aish tu kar baba, aish tu kar, duniya gai tel lene aish to kar....

Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khana junk food. Gujjus never change haan..

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