Thursday, April 07, 2005

No more pasta

Mangesh, Rajesh and me had been to Ruby Tuesday [CR2 walla] today. Mangesh and me wanted to have some Pizza but Rajesh suggested Pastas. I wanted to try out one - we had Pastas + lemon iced tea and I vow that I will never ever order Pasta in my life again !!!!! Maybe, we would have been better off with some serious salads.

How can people eat something so blant ? Only Firangs can eat such stuff without spice.

BTW, Ruby Tuesday is a nice place to spend time. Cool ambience. Kewl outside view too. You feel as if you are in an old British bar with stuff like accordian, horns, trumpets, ski-boards, hammers, angrezi photos etc hanging around. But the prices seem to be imported from UK too ! I would rather visit Cafe Coffee Day often - good stuff @ decent prices..... what say ?

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