Monday, April 18, 2005

Hare Krishna Hare Ram

Today was an interesting day. Had to go to the Andheri Office for some work, then a meeting @ Santacruz and then a visit to Juhu and back.

Andheri was totally unproductive, Santacruz meeting was very useful. Juhu has a story !

Ram Navami

Mangesh and me got off the auto @ Juhu, Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple and were trying to locate the client's address. There was a lot of crowd at the temple on account of Ram Navmi. A gujju ben approached us and asked us if we had a cell phone. She had dropped her cell somewhere inside the temple and wanted us to give a ring and help her find it.

Mangesh decided to go ahead to the client's place and I went to the temple with this lady. Aarti Thacker had come down to visit Mumbai from Gujarat and was staying with some relative @ Ghatkopar and this was the second cell that she had lost within the last few months !

I generally do not visit temples at all, but went around the entire temple 4 times with her to find her mobile ! At the end of it, we could not locate the mobile though it was ringing when I kept on trying to call her number. We finally made an announcement in the temple, lodged a complaint with the security, who assured us that they would return it back in case it was found. Had a burger in the temple and called up Mangesh.She left with her sister and we returned to Rajesh's office near the domestic air-port.

We then drove down to Nisarga @ Mulund because Rajesh and Pushkar wanted to booze, but it was a dry day, so we just had some fresh lime soda and dispersed off.

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