Sunday, February 01, 2004

Happy Family Event

Today was the celebration for the 25th marriage anniversary of Hemendrakaka and Ushakaki. This one was a real fun event full of surprises. Vinit, Tejas and Amish had planned a lot of surprises for everyone. The initial intimation was only for a Mahakali Mata pooja in a small hall - Gayatri DhamHowever, once the pooja was over, everyone was surprised because there was a pandit for their marriage !
We had a replica of their marriage which Vinit said was arranged 'Because Mummy and Pappa did not invite us for their first marriage' !!!After that, we had a 3 storey cake and an excellent dinner. I could not resist overeating again. It was only a small gathering with around 100 family members and close friends. Nice to have such celebrations because it brings us all together from our otherwise hectic lives.Vinit has plans to fly back to the US on the 5th - not sure if we would be able to meet him again before that.
Had excellent time today...just that I missed my PL/SQL Lectures today [But I can always cover up, can't I ? he he he )...

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